The Ritz-Carlton Reserve Positivo Sand Bar

The Ritz-Carlton Reserve Positivo Sand Bar

Anyone can put together a little shack on the beach, but creating a casual, elegant ambience on the beach is another matter. Dealing with the effects of the extreme humidity of the ocean air and the intense heat of the tropical sun is a true challenge when the woods utilized are beautiful tropical species.

The engineering of the components and application of exterior finishes had to accommodate excessive expansion and contraction of the wood. Flat Cut Cumaru and Flat Cut Teak were finished with exterior penetrating oil to preserve their natural beauty.

The ceiling panels were made from StarBoard, a marine-grade polymer material, that was custom machined with the CNC router. This produced a variety of starfish cut-outs in the ceiling, casting starfish shadows that dance off the walls and floors. Accent elements in the bar included 16- gauge aluminum finished with a green patina acid treatment to mimic old boat parts.

Project Specs

  • Project: The Ritz-Carlton Reserve Positivo Sand Bar
  • Location: Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico
  • Architect: SB Architects
  • Interior Design: Wilson Associates