The Continuous Improvement Committee

Hollywood Woodwork is pleased announce The Continuous Improvement Committee! The CIC Group are dedicated staff members that meet weekly to discuss and improve Hollywood Woodwork. Members include: Barton Barry, Tyler Hulme, Kevin Tamkins Jr., Garth Suslovic, Russel Barry, Danny Santiago, Williams Diaz, Brian Chamberland, Deb Schlangen, Ruben Ortiz, Drake Barber, Sebastien Desmarais, Dave Bolt, Michelle Villnave, Antonio Rovira, Juan Couto, and Gil Lugo – Lean Facilitator. The team has been working hard and tracking incidents in the shop since November 2015. The data is now in and shop incidents are down by 70%! Be sure to check back as we will be posting more information on this team and their outstanding accomplishments!