Virgil’s Real BBQ Restaurant, Atlantis

Virgil’s Real BBQ Restaurant, Atlantis

Creating a restaurant atmosphere reminiscent of the Old West in the tropical environs of the Bahamas held three creative challenges.

An extremely tight schedule, was met through maintaining close communication with the design team as we worked together from the beginning of the project through completion. Coordination was key, including utilizing custom metalwork provided by three different metal fabrication shops.

A feature wood structure in the lobby was to appear to hold fire. To achieve this effect, flat cut pine lumber was finished on the interior side with metallic powders to achieve a fluorescent look. Strobe lighting placed inside the cylinder reflects off the finish to give the appearance of flames.

The design intent for the bar was that it have bullet holes that would allow light to shine through from the back. In order to be as authentic as possible, the Hollywood team went as far as to take boards to a local gun range where the owners proceeded to use a wide array of firearms to create the holes. After taking them back to the shop, we saw that the bullet holes would not be large enough to emit the light as needed. Consequently, various sized drill bits were used to make holes in a random pattern.

Plain sliced Red Oak and Old World European Oak with a dull rubbed finish, field painted rough sawn Cedar, and flat cut Teak hardwoods were utilized throughout the space

Project Specs

  • Project: Virgil’s Real BBQ Restaurant
  • Location: Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas
  • Designer: Jeffrey Beers
Virgil’s Bar
Virgil’s Foyer